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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Latest on government grants

From time to time grants are available in the UK, funded by the EC or UK government, to support the development of businesses and charities. The offer changes from time to time, and I seek to keep this page up to date with grants that may be of help to those I am in contact with.

Currently the grant programmes focus on small to medium sized businesses that want to achieve high growth (say 20% per year in turnover or staff). This applies whether they are existing businesses or start-ups. While funds are not available for "charities", some are available for "social enterprise". For a charity to be considered as a social enterprise, this is about the purpose of the charity and whether any surplus is ploughed back into the work.

Find more information on our Finding True North website.

Growth Accelerator

I'm now working as a coach and trainer with the government's GrowthAccelerator to help businesses and start-ups move into growth.

"GrowthAccelerator is a new service that will help England's brightest growing businesses achieve their ambitions with rapid, sustainable growth. GrowthAccelerator's network of world-class growth experts work side by side with leaders of high-growth potential SMEs to provide them with the know-how and ability to achieve sustainable growth. The service will help discover the real issues that could be holding businesses back, define the right growth plan and open doors to world class business experts and networks. Whatever these businesses need to speed and sustain growth, GrowthAccelerator will help drive them forward."

More info here.