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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Delegating to subcontractors can be a breeze

People who run their own business often find it a challenge to delegate work to improve the efficiency of their business. It takes trust and confidence to delegate work. It takes time to find the right people. It can be difficult to let go of control.

As a business owner one of the things I value about business networking groups is the opportunity to get to know people who may help my business grow (and not only people who I hope may buy my services). Regular groups I attend include weekly BNI in Melksham, and a monthly meeting in Bristol organised by Lloyds Bank. Both of these healthily combine good structures to help conversations to take place and informal friendliness.

This morning I enjoyed the Bristol breakfast all the more because I met two great business owners who provide services at no additional cost. Did I say "free?" This is a dream for people wanting to delegate!

Gemma Lyle of The Main Event Management Company will find venues ranging from conference rooms for formal meetings through to overnight accommodation for busy business travellers. She knows where to look to find good services at reduced cost. Because such an agency works on a commission basis, she can reduce the cost of my bookings without charging me anything. Good news!

Would you believe that you can post your letters for less than the cost of a stamp? This kind of facility is usually only available to large firms doing bulk mailing. However I really like the niche that Nevil Horne of Mailadoc has found. He will save you and your staff time by receiving documents electronically and then printing and posting them. These could be anything from invoices to sales litereature. Again, because of the discounts he receives, this service can cost you less than if you walked to the Post Office yourself.

Amazing, and all of these contacts for the price of an impressive Full English Breakfast!

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