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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Recession or depression in Britain?

A few years ago we were told that there would be "no more boom or bust" and that we could look forward to stable economic growth. We have experienced another recession, and official statistics tell us that our economy is pulling out of recession, although many individuals and businesses are not yet experiencing that. Others wonder whether there will be a "double dip" - that is that we shall see a further small decline before solid growth comes. While politicians may claim that there expertise will prevent a double dip, history shows that a double dip is usual.

Good business practice is to invest in the business at the "bottom" of the recession, following any staff redundancies and efficiency improvements. This may include new machinery, however what is most important at this time is investment in staff development and training. Yet it is a guessing game to know when is the best time. Especially when still other writers predict that our current recession is a prelude to a deeper depression.

How has your business responded to the recession so far? Are you able to "step back" to see the wood for the trees? Are you, at least sometimes, finding innovative and creative solutions? Are you confident in the decisions you are making? Are you investing in the support of key staff on whom your profitability depends? I suggest that now is a good time to find out how coaching will help your key staff to contribute even more effectively to your business.

Coaching from Finding True North.

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