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Friday, 23 April 2010

Is a stand-up debate the way to choose a politician?

I've been making use of Carl Jung's understanding of people, and Myers Briggs, for many years, but am deepening my understanding while I attend an accreditation course.

Stand-up debate is a great way to find out the best about extraverts; but people with an introvert preference keep their best strengths hidden. Maybe the person who is best for a job is not the one who is great at talking, but the one who does the best quiet thinking or research. How much of modern politics is really about exchanges in the debating chambers of the Palace of Westminster?

Lots of life is about gathering information (perception) and then making decisions (judgement). One of these we like to do in public, the other we prefer to do by ourselves. We also have preferred ways of doing each. For extraverts, their strongest function is what you see in the outside world, which is makes selecting the best candidate for a job or a seat in parliament straightforward. With introvert candidates the best is hidden and needs to be discovered in a better way. (How about measuring people by results?)

Food for thought...!

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