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Thursday, 25 March 2010

££ Use it or lose it - grants for business leaders ££

Deadline approaching!

Business Link (South West) has grants set aside to give to the leaders of small businesses by 31st March 2010. They have unspent money they need to give away!

The Leadership and Management Advisory Service within Train to Gain gives grants to small businesses to help directors and senior managers to develop their leadership skills. These funds are also available to “micro businesses” (two to five people). Sole traders are also often eligible if they regularly work with particular associates or contractors, which increases the effective size of their business.

These excellent grants provide support to help businesses improve results or escape from the recession, and may be spent on relevant courses or executive coaching - for example to develop strategies for the business or particular skills such as sales or delegation. The basic grant is £500. A further £500 is available if you match that with your own funds.

This deadline applies to Business Link in the South West (Wiltshire, Gloucester, Bath, Bristol, etc. down to Cornwall). Funds may or may not be unspent in other parts of the country. The programme will continue into the following financial year, but funds for micro businesses are usually very limited. Some funds are also available to leaders of charities. All grants are subject to eligibility.

If you are interested to find out how you may benefit from coaching, contact me. Phone 01249 712446 or email richard@findingtruenorth.co.uk

For general or training course enquiries contact Business Link (Train to Gain) for the South West on 08456 009966 or 08000 155545 or go to http://www.traintogain.gov.uk/In_your_Region/South_West

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