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Friday, 12 March 2010

Newly promoted?

This has been a good week, with mutually rewarding coaching of existing clients, and meeting potential clients.

It shocks me when I meet people who have been promoted by their firm, been in a new post for over a year - perhaps it is the first time they have had responsibility for a budget of for line managing staff - and they have not received any significant training or other support (such as coaching) to help them into their new role. Newly promoted managers or directors also need good role models, so they can see "what a good job looks like" and in firms where such support is lacking good role models may be lacking too.

This is mitigated a little if they are now talking to us about starting some coaching!

Is "throwing people in at the deep end" the best way to build good businesses?

At the very least, people can be guided to a few good web sites, or e-newletters. Try Finding True North, this link will take you to the sign up page, http://www.findingtruenorth.info.

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