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Friday, 18 December 2009

Do goals have to be financial?

I recently attended a training evening organised by the worthwhile business networking organisation BNI.

After an enjoyable dinner with pleasant conversation, the high profile speaker for the evening gave a challenging talk about what our expectations were of our businesses and of our BNI membership the purpose of which is to increase our turnover.

It's good to be challenged. It's good to have goals. However I don't believe that everyone is motivated by money, and research bears this out, although some people are particularly good at making it and such skill is valuable!

I felt that there was an underlying belief that everyone is in business purely to make money, and I found this approach limiting. Aside from anything else, I'd like to think that doing good work is a good starting point for business growth. Perhaps it was a useful focus for one talk, however in my coaching work I like to make less assumptions about people's values and motivations, spend time understanding their actual goals, and then help them to reach them.

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