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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Business Help

I enjoy coaching, and bring great encouragement as well as more tangible benefits to the people and businesses that I work with. I'm great at helping other people to step back from their business and be more objective. Yet I'm not much good at doing either of these things for myself, so I need to be on the receiving end of coaching too.

It's not easy to stay buoyant in the current economic climate, so I was pleased that my appointment with a business link adviser last week encouraged me and helped me to see the reality of my situation. He pointed out that the issues I'm wrestling with are typical for a business of the size and age of Finding True North; he reminded me that my turnover is growing!

Business Link advisers don't see themselves as coaches. They like to signpost business people to the services that they need. I found it a great help to go on their business start up course when I started up in business. Given that their advice is free, and an encouraging sign that government wants to support businesses, and even the course only cost about £100, it shocks me when I hear of people who have leapt into starting a business without ever making use of them.

Recommend them to your friends!

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