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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Train to Gain funds coaching training

When I started Finding True North I was looking forward to developing leaders in business through my own coaching, but I had not seen training others in coaching as a particular goal.

Having been asked by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to train their ten top managers over three months, I find that this is going well and is enjoyable for me as well as them. Since I am a real advocate of coaching as an approach, or an attitude even, this is a natural way to encourage greater use of coaching. WWT see it as a way for managers to encourage each other and their staff to take more initiative and help the organisation to develop its entrepreneurial culture.

I am pleased at the continuing availability of funds from the Leadership and Management Advisory Service of Train to Gain to develop leaders. This is helping our clients to invest in training - whether that training is coaching for their directors and other leaders or training in coaching. Up to £1000 is available to each organisation.

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