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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Will you survive the recession?

"Survive" sounds like a negative word in the way that we use it in English: it conveys a sense of coping (which is perhaps a healthy British skill). However the two - originally French - syllables in there point me to "overcoming" and "life." So a better question may be, "How can we overcome the recession and live life to the full?"

People who do so are likely to both keep an eye on where they want to get to, and grow relationships with people. In these they will both give and receive support. These effective relationships may include friends, colleagues, suppliers, or clients. This focus on both task and relationship is important.

A coaching approach is a good way to offer support, and a powerful model that is often used is GROW (more about this later).

Step 1 is the Goal. As you seek to live life to the full, what is your goal? Where are you trying to get to? How will you know when you get there?

As an example, I may have a goal of replacing my ageing small car with a new Saab Turbo. However it is good to dig deeper to clarify this as better Options may emerge. Is my real goal to avoid fear of my current car breaking down? Is it to have a reliable way of travelling to and from work and holidays?

A final thought: Do the people who are close to you know where they are going?