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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Government Leadership Grant deadline

The application deadline for the £1000 Leadership and Management Advisory Service grant for businesses and social enterprises that want to grow is fast approaching.

Although the scheme is due to end at the end of March, Skills South East (who oversee the scheme in SW and SE England) have announced an application deadline of this Friday 17th February. This is to give them time to process applications.

There are other schemes for ongoing small businesses however they are only available to businesses with turnover of more than £1 million and they have "more strings." What I like about this scheme is it's flexibility which means that business owners can use it for what they need - to develop themselves and their key staff and hence grow their business by 20% or more per year.

You do not need to have worked out exactly what you want to do with the funds in order to apply, so I suggest that you consider applying before the deadline and then chat with me or with staff from Skills South East to see how you can use this grant to develop the leadership skills of your top team and thus your business.

Find out more here: http://www.skillssoutheast.co.uk/leadership-and-management.html

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