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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Be Happy!

People seem to want to be cheerful all the time, and I suspect that tv presenters would be sacked if they did not have a cheery smile on their faces all the time - even when reading news items about disasters such as the recent floods in Pakistan. People can find it difficult to empathise with people going through difficult times, and we just hear, "Cheer up!"

It is good to feel happy, yet there are times when people need to grieve, times when we need to listen and empathise not just to try to cheer people up, whether this is in work as a coach or just conversation with friends. We need to be real and accept people's emotions and help them journey through them not deny them.

So, I find this article by Mary Kenny in the BBC magazine encouraging, as she writes more about how in British society we may have lost sight of the importance of timely grief and mourning!

Take a look.

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