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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Swindon Coaching Team at National Trust HQ

I enjoyed our first coaching Swindon Coaching Team event at the National Trust HQ in Swindon, Tuesday lunchtime, and we're pleased with how it went. We liked their spacious, welcoming, and friendly site and we made use of the ground floor café - popular with shoppers and local business people as well as National Trust staff - as our venue.

The aim of the Swindon Coaching Team, of which Finding True North is a founder member, is to give more people in the Swindon area the opportunity to find out what coaching is about and experience its benefits. There was interest in what we were doing amongst visitors and staff, and we were able to have a significant number of helpful conversations, which is a good start.

We have been looking for a venue that is comfortable both for people who travel there to meet us, and those who take an interest because we are there. It looks like this fits the bill, so we look forward to using it again.

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