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Monday, 15 February 2010

Quakers, Cadbury, and Business

I sometimes wonder whether I am really a Quaker at heart. I like the way that they value, use, and are comfortable with silence. I like the way that they like to think things through rigorously and seek to live in a principled way. I like the way that they seek to make decisions by consensus and give those who disagree, but do not want to get in the way of a majority decision, the ability to "stand aside."

So I read with interest a recent article, written in the light of the likely takeover of Cadbury in the UK, called "The Quaker Brand."* Cadbury was one of a number of businesses set up by British Quakers in the 19th Century. The Quakers were keen to provide good working conditions for their staff, and a visit to their Bournville site in Birmingham is fascinating - and not just for the opportunity to eat lots of chocolate!

What interested me particularly in the article was that the reason that the Quakers became such good businessmen was because, being outside the Anglican Church, they were banned from universities (until the middle of the 19th centrury). This effectively excluded them from careers in law, science, or medicine - and of course their pacifism excluded service in the armed forces.

There was also good networking within their religious community. These developments resonate with the Jew's dominance of financial activity in Europe in earlier centuries due to their exclusion. It is interesting to see the way in which the closing of doors to certain activity can shape whole communities in a way that brings benefit, although it can be (very) painful at the time.


*The Week 30th January 2010

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Making good decisions

Every moment we have to make choices. You're in a meeting and your mobile phone rings - do you answer it? Our time management has "failed again" and we get to the end of the day with work not complete - what to do?

Here's some key areas, following on from my Time Management Tips.
  • Know what you want - think about outcomes
  • Be thorough in marshalling facts AND imaginative in thinking of options forward
  • Know yourself - how and when are you best at making decisions
  • Avoid major decisions when you're not in a good state - we don't make decisions well when we are grieving or very stressed, and drugs and alcohol may not help either!

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Monday, 1 February 2010

New collaboration with Unlimited Potential

Finding True North are collaborating with Unlimited Potential's team of coaches, as a way of providing increased coaching to a wider range of clients. Unlimited Potential have offices in the UK in London, Tunbridge Wells, and Kettering.